Your Better Breathing Blueprint

Provides real breathing data in real-time, on the go so you can make informed decisions to improve your overall breathing behavior.

  • CapnoLearning™ Hardcopy Book

    CapnoLearning™ blends physiology, psychology, and technology to transform breathing habits for better well-being. A crucial resource for educators and learners, this book explores optimal respiration through 18 protocols, revealing the impact on health and performance. Elevate your learning process by obtaining the hardcopy edition.

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  • CapnoLearning™ Audio & Video Course

    Discover optimal respiration with our Breathing Behavior Analysis course. Learn psychophysiology, use CapnoTrainer® tech, and master techniques to identify, disengage, and replace habits. Align breathing for peak performance and uncover secrets to restore CO2 balance.

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CapnoTrainer® GO

Reveals your unique breathing “fingerprint”

The instrument is a combination hardware and software system that provides users with training and learning tools for personalized breathing education based on the principles of behavioral analysis through the presentation of both live and recorded physiology. There are three versions of the CapnoTrainer® GO: Personal, Basic, and Professional.

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  • Science-based

    Backed by decades of scientific research and clinical application

  • Lightweight & Fully portable

    Weights less than 0.5 lbs

  • Real-time insights

    Provides real breathing data in real-time, on the go

CapnoTrainer® GO for Healthcare Practitioners

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