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NeuroAcrobatics Tools

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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The Starter Kit should always be ordered with a new instrument. It consists one pack of Water Traps, 1 pack of 20 Sampling Lines, and a carry belt.

It does not provide adequate supplies for users seeing many clients. We recommend four additional packs of 20 Sampling Lines (for a total of 100 Lines with the Starter Kit) and one additional pack of five water traps.

*Please note that each GO bundle includes a starter kit

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Benefits of CapnoTrainer® GO

Silent Serenity:

Experience peaceful breathing sessions with CapnoTrainer GO's whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to focus on improving your respiratory health without any disruptions.


On-the-Go Empowerment:

Enjoy the freedom of enhancing your breathing behavior anytime, anywhere. CapnoTrainer GO's full portability enables you to make informed decisions about your well-being on the move.


Scientific Precision Unleashed:

Harness the power of decades of scientific research and clinical expertise with CapnoTrainer GO, as it unveils your unique breathing "fingerprint" and provides real-time data, empowering you to proactively improve your overall respiratory health.


Is the CapnoTrainer® GO a medical device?

No. It is not a medical device. It is a WELLNESS device, as indicated on its label.

The GO is a teaching and learning tool for breathing behavior analysis including self and guided exploration of breathing behaviors, habits, and patterns.

PLEASE NOTE: The GO should NOT be used under any circumstances for diagnostic or treatment purposes.

How do I get help?

Read the GO Services document that came with your instrument.

Tech support is ONLY for software and hardware issues.

Tech support DOES NOT provide teaching services for learning to do CapnoLearning.

Where can I use my GO?

Use it most anywhere, but do NOT get it wet nor wear it in a way that it can hit a hard surface. It is delicate and cannot withstand any serious impact.

If you wear it while sleeping, be sure to elevate it slightly above head level and Velcro it to a nearby surface to prevent the Water Trap from becoming saturated.

Explore our FAQ page for detailed insights and answers to commonly asked questions.