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Is the CapnoTrainer® GO a medical device?

No. It is not a medical device. It is a WELLNESS device, as indicated on its label.

The GO is a teaching and learning tool for breathing behavior analysis including self and guided exploration of breathing behaviors, habits, and patterns.

PLEASE NOTE: The GO should NOT be used under any circumstances for diagnostic or treatment purposes.

How can I get professional help for my own breathing issues while using my GO?

Go to and set up an appointment.

How can I get a paperback copy of the book CapnoLearning: An Introductory Guide?

Click here to order the book from the publisher.

Will the GO operate on both PC and Apple computers?

Yes. The exception is the GO Personal without Option C (computer).

Can I install GO software on Chromebook computers?


What are recommended computer specifications for using my GO?

PC Computer: Intel i7 generation 9 or higher (or equivalent) with 8 GB RAM, 4 cores, SD hard drive

Apple: 2019 MacBook Pro or equivalent

Can I reuse sampling lines?

Sampling Lines should be used only once for clients and then discarded. Sampling Lines for personal use may be used multiple times, but care should be taken to be sure that they do not accumulate condensation. If in doubt, use a compressed air “computer duster” spray can for cleaning them out.

What is the longevity of water traps?

The longevity of water traps is variable. They block condensation from getting into the instrument.

Water Traps for most users need to be changed only occasionally. Warnings about when to change the Water Trap will show up in your software. If you do not replace it, the instrument will shut down automatically until you make the change.

Avoid using a Sampling Line for more than one hour at a time. Replace it or dry it out with a duster can. Using the same Sampling Line repeatedly will reduce the life of the Trap.

During exercise much more condensation in Sampling Lines may occur making it necessary to change Traps more frequently. 

NOTE: Changing Sampling Lines routinely is the solution.

Will my GO immediately connect with my cell phone or tablet?

Yes, unless you have not disconnected the dongle from your computer. The GO will connect to the computer first.

Learn more with the CapnoTrainer® GO App Manual

How long will the batteries last before needing to be recharged?

10 - 12 hours

When does my GO need to be calibrated?

It should be zero calibrated at the start of each day and/or when the software signals you to do so.

It does not require CO2 calibration for many years unless the instrument has somehow been misused. If it requires CO2 calibration, contact us or your distributor.

Learn more about calibration in Step 6 of the Quick Start Manual

How do I get help?

Read the GO Services document that came with your instrument.

Tech support is ONLY for software and hardware issues.

Tech support DOES NOT provide teaching services for learning to do CapnoLearning.

What is my GO software subscription and why is there a fee?

The GO software subscription entitles you to (1) frequent auto-updates for computers, cell phones, and tablets, (2) frequent auto-updates of Cloud database software, (3) data storage in your HIPAA compliant account, and (4) ongoing technical support.

If you choose not to resubscribe, you will lose the services described above but you will continue to have access to your database account; new data, however, cannot be saved to your Cloud account.

The subscription fee varies based on the type of GO and number of them you own, e.g. $75.00 for the GO Personal and GO Basic and $150.00 for GO Professional.

How can I upgrade my GO and what does it cost?

You may upgrade your GO Basic or GO Personal at any time by logging into your CapnoLearning Cloud Database account and clicking on SUBSCRIPTION. This includes Option C ($300.00), Option M ($450.00), GO Basic (both C and M, $750.00),and GO Professional ($1,450.00).

Where can I use my GO?

Use it most anywhere, but do NOT get it wet nor wear it in a way that it can hit a hard surface. It is delicate and cannot withstand any serious impact.

If you wear it while sleeping, be sure to elevate it slightly above head level and Velcro it to a nearby surface to prevent the Water Trap from becoming saturated.

Can I operate the GO by plugging it into a computer USB port instead of using Bluetooth?

Yes. To do so, unplug your Bluetooth USB dongle first. Note that the third LED light from the top (second from the bottom) will be ORANGE/YELLOW after connecting the USB cable.

What third party HRV Bluetooth devices will integrate with the GO?

Generic HRV devices will auto-connect with the GO, in so long as it outputs RR-intervals and average heart rate values. We recommend the ECG-based H9 and H10 Polar Belts.

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