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NeuroAcrobatics Tools

Water Trap Dryer

Water Trap Dryer

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Dryer Trap Dryer

The Water Trap Dryer is recommended for those users facing Water Trap longevity issues. It can also be used for drying out Sampling Lines that are being used for personal use.

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Benefits of CapnoTrainer® GO

Silent Serenity:

Experience peaceful breathing sessions with CapnoTrainer GO's whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to focus on improving your respiratory health without any disruptions.


On-the-Go Empowerment:

Enjoy the freedom of enhancing your breathing behavior anytime, anywhere. CapnoTrainer GO's full portability enables you to make informed decisions about your well-being on the move.


Scientific Precision Unleashed:

Harness the power of decades of scientific research and clinical expertise with CapnoTrainer GO, as it unveils your unique breathing "fingerprint" and provides real-time data, empowering you to proactively improve your overall respiratory health.


Where can I use my GO?

Use it most anywhere, but do NOT get it wet nor wear it in a way that it can hit a hard surface. It is delicate and cannot withstand any serious impact.

If you wear it while sleeping, be sure to elevate it slightly above head level and Velcro it to a nearby surface to prevent the Water Trap from becoming saturated.

How can I get professional help for my own breathing issues while using my GO?

Go to and set up an appointment.

What third party HRV Bluetooth devices will integrate with the GO?

Generic HRV devices will auto-connect with the GO, in so long as it outputs RR-intervals and average heart rate values. We recommend the ECG-based H9 and H10 Polar Belts.

Explore our FAQ page for detailed insights and answers to commonly asked questions.